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Morgan Olson

Borgman Ford Commercial Division is proud to work with Morgan Olson – the leading producer of aluminum walk-in van bodies in the industry. They are known throughout Michigan and the United States for their high-quality construction, superior engineering, attention to detail, and vast array of available options, safety features, and more.

About Morgan Olson Walk-In Vans

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Morgan Olson has set the standards for walk-in van production and creation. With their impressive array of options and sizes, Morgan Olson  your walk-in van to meet your needs, customizing each walk-in with your specific requirements in mind.

step-van-interior_2Morgan Olson walk-in van bodies are built to a stringent standard of excellence. In the cabin, many features are included for both the comfort and safety of the driver, with a focus on streamlining delivery stops. The cabin allows easy access to the cargo bay, with available non-slip SafetyTread strips installed throughout the pathways – especially on the stairs leading out the passenger-side of the vehicle. Also, placing the steps here allows the driver to disembark the vehicle without stepping into traffic, and can speed up the delivery process by 40%. Morgan Olson step vans may also be equipped with other safety features like a back-up camera with color monitor, handles and railings, onboard first-aid kits, emergency road kits, and more.

folding-shelvesThe cargo bay is even more customizable and is where you can truly build out your van to meet the needs of your business. There are dozens of different options for transporting your cargo, and the Borgman Ford Commercial Team will work with you closely to determine which ones are the best fit. Choose between cargo nets, folding shelves, laundry racks, food delivery solutions, bookcase-style shelving, and more. The cargo bay can also be built with LED overhead lighting, translucent skylights, non-slip flooring, various rear loading door configurations, tailgates and lift gates, bumpers, ramps, and more.

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